How does tracking Packages Work 

Most customers want to be able to see hat their orders are fulfilled. Here, we’ll talk about package and shipping tracking, and how it works based on the different elements and important information provided. Package tracking is a huge deal, with almost all customers expecting some sort of package monitoring. But luckily, this is available from almost all shipping options. Couriers do scan these, and then they update you on where they’re supposed to go. 

What happens with package Tracking? 

All mail services offer the ability to rack packages for free, so it allows for you and the people who bought from you to track where everything is, from the moment it’s dropped off all the way to the last delivery point where it gets to you. 

This is great for peace of mind when you’re shipping, but you’re probably not sure about how it works. 

Below, we’ll discuss the different stages of package tracking so that you can understand how this works. 

First, there is the tracking information that’s inputted. This is usually done via major carriers which will track the packages via a mobile number or email.  Usually, it involves just sending a text and from there, the number is then automatically updated. 

You can also check via the website of the mail service to see where it is. 

With the age of apps, there is now more chances to track than ever before and you can download the app on your smartphone to track it. 

Finally, there is Easyship, which is good for checking all packages. 

Now every time it’s scanned, it will be processed and then sorted. 

They scan the barcodes at every delivery point, also known as sorting hubs. This also gives you other points of the travel direction and allows for full customer visibility when engaging in package tracking. 

Then every time it’s sorted at different places, it means that it’s moving, from one destination to the next, until it’s fully delivered. Usually, these are all done via delivery trucks. 

And then finally there is the last-mile delivery, which means that it’s gone from the local post office and then is on the way to the final delivery point. 

Finally, it reaches the point of delivery. 

Once it’s there, it’ll show up on the website as well, and of course through every tracking means. 

How to Track This 

There are a few ways to track them, and luckily, the mail service makes this very easy. 

With USPS shipping, it really just needs the tracking number. You ten go to the website, and then via either the app, a text message, or the site itself can tell you the state of the package, and of course the website itself. 

For FedEx shipping, it’s pretty similar too. 

There are a few defend tracking numbers for packages, and usually, with FedEx, they can format the tracking that’s dependent on the following:

  • Package size 
  • Location of it
  • How the package is shipped 

Usually, there is a 10-digit number for FedEx tracking, and you can visit the package tracking to find out the state of this as well. 

And finally there is UPS, which involves 25 different numbers. You will need to go to the tracking page on their site or use the app to check the status. 

With all of these, you can also check them through one specific dashboard such as Easyship, and from there see the state of your packages. 

Package tracking is simple but effective, and in this, we showed as well what types of options there are for it.