The Best Packaging Machinery Alternatives 

Sometimes the universe just has it for you, where you’re about to launch a product, but you don’t have the funds to fund the packaging machinery needed to get the job done. Or maybe it’s old, and you can’t afford to replace it. You’re trying to figure out how to afford the product launch and new packaging. You might feel the urge to drop this completely but fear no. Here are some solutions for packaging machinery for those who don’t have the funds to invest in it at the moment. 

Option 1: Leasing 

For some people, they may just not have the funds to afford this. 

If you can’t, you can always lease it. This is basically renting where you pay smaller payments over a few years, and at the end, you can either trade it, or finance the remainder through different payments until you’re the owner of this. 

For some people, this is a bit of a scary step, because they don’t know if they can handle payments, but look to see if there is an affordable alternative to payments that you can have too. 

Buy Used or Refurbish

Then there is the option of buying it refurbished. This is good for companies that don’t want to invest heavily in a new machine but want something that does the job. 

Refurbish is a term where there is a bit of renovation required for it, and perhaps a tune-up or some new parts, and it runs like new, but at a fraction of what the new machinery might cost. 

Refurbish will give you the same options that a new one days, but you’re paying a fraction of it. 

Tune up your own 

Sometimes, you may want to keep the same packaging machinery, but you don’t really have the funds to invest in a new one.

Maybe take that money and tune-up or refurbish your own. 

A technician will have to come out, but the process is simple. It replaces the old with the new. 

This is a good one if you really are pressed for cash and you need something right away, but you don’t have the funds to buy something brand-new, so you go with the next best option, which is tuning up your old machinery. 

This is also good if the machinery does work well, you just don’t want to work with an older piece of machinery and want to renovate it. 

Outsource It 

Finally, if you’re really pressed, you could always outsource it. 

This is known as contract packaging, where it outsources all parts of a product line, including primary and secondary packaging, any logistics that are third-party, the PoP displays, and of course any reworking that’s needed. 

You’re essentially paying a company to deal with this so that you don’t have to. 

This is an option because it doesn’t require you to invest in the machinery, or to buy brand-new if you don’t have the funds to do this. 

Depending on how many packages that you’re sending out, this may be one of the less costly options. 

Contract packaging is a great option if you’re looking to just get a launch out, and you don’t want to deal with hunting down some machinery. 

It’s a fixed rate, and it might be cheaper as well than trying to just buy used. Plus, you don’t have to worry as much about it, it’s just all up there and then you go from there. 

With packaging machinery, there’s a lot of different options, and a whole lot that can come with this as well. 

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